Metallurgical company "Mitra" LLC specializes in the supply of raw materials and materials for metallurgical and foundry enterprises.
The company's warehouses are located in Zaporozhye, which, due to its close location to the industrial cities of Ukraine, allows reduce the cost of delivering goods.

Metallurgical company "Mitra" LLC today can offer:
- shipment of products wholesale and retail;
- competitive prices;
- impeccable quality;
- delivery and support of cargo;
- packaging of products according to the carrier’s requirements at own expense, which significantly reduces the cost of transportation;
- trade credit.

Products offered:
- ferroalloys in assortment;
- modifiers for steel and cast iron;
- graphite and graphite electrodes;
- cast iron, pig iron;
- non-ferrous metals.

We set ourselves ambitious goals: stable and high-quality supply of raw materials and materials to foundries, machine-building and metallurgical enterprises of Ukraine. Based on the goals set, Metallurgical company "Mitra" LLC considers the main thing for itself:
- take into account the individual needs of clients;
- ensure stable supply of products;
- supply only high quality materials, ensure transparency in matters of quality control;
- cooperate with the manufacturer under direct contracts;
- reduce consumer costs through complex deliveries;
- increase the level of service;
- strictly comply with the terms of contracts.

Metallurgical company "Mitra" LLC is constantly working to expand the range of products for metallurgy and casting.
The company's policy is aimed at long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation with partners. We invite interested companies to work together!

НБУ на сьогодні
USD 38,476
EUR 41,542
RUB 0,416
Обмен на вчора
USD 38,079 38,636
EUR 41,037 41,782
RUB 41,400 44,400
Межбанк на вчора
USD 38,460 38,470
EUR 33,350 33,410
RUB 0,366 0,367

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