Cast and pig iron

Cast iron is a non-malleable iron alloy of iron (Fe) with carbon (C), where carbon is at least 2.14%, impurities of Manganese (Mn), silicon (Si), sulfur (S) up to 0.8 and phosphorus (P) up to 2.5. It has high casting properties, which determined its main use as a structural material. Cast iron can be processed well and efficiently by cutting, forming a high-quality surface for friction units and fixed joints.

Depending on the condition and carbon content in cast iron, they are distinguished: white and gray (according to the color of the fracture, which is determined by the structure of carbon in cast iron in the form of iron carbide or free graphite), high-strength with nodular graphite, malleable cast iron, cast iron with vermicular graphite. In white cast iron carbon is present in the form of cementite, in gray - mainly in the form of graphite.

In industry, types of cast iron are marked as follows:
- pig iron - P1, P2;
- pig iron for castings (pipe casting) - PL1, PL2 ,
- pig iron - PF1, PF2, PF3, - high-quality pig iron - PVK1, PVK2, PVK3;
- cast iron with lamellar graphite - SCh (numbers after the letters “SCh” indicate the value of tensile strength in kgf/mm);
- anti-friction cast iron:
  - anti-friction gray - AChS,
  - anti-friction high-strength - AChV,
  - anti-friction malleable - ABC;
- cast iron with nodular graphite for castings - HF (the numbers after the letters “HF” mean tensile strength in kgf/mm and relative elongation(%);
- alloyed cast iron with special properties - Ch.

1412-85 ГОСТ 1412-85 (139 Кб)

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