Graphite silver casting GL1

Graphite GL-1 (GOST 5279-74) is a natural mineral that has many unique properties, fire resistance, electrical conductivity, chemical resistance, low hardness, ductility, fat content, non-stick, diamagnetic. GL-1 graphite is obtained from graphite ores and is used in various industries, such as metallurgy, mechanical engineering, oil production, iron foundry, and steelmaking. The main quality indicators of GL-1 graphite are determined by the carbon and ash content; the higher the carbon and lower the ash content, the higher the quality of GL-1 graphite.

Ash content, % no more 13
Remaining on grid No. 16, % no more 40
Mass fraction of moisture, % no more 1.0

Scope of application: auxiliary material in the metalworking, iron and steel industries. Foundry paints. When drilling wells in the oil and gas industry.

5279-74 ГОСТ 5279-74 (302 Кб)

Metallurgical company "Mitra" LLC offers from stock Graphite silver casting GL1 at a negotiated price.

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