Ferroalloys - alloys of iron with other elements (Cr, Si, Mn, Ti, etc.), used mainly for deoxidation and alloying of steel (for example, ferrochrome, ferrosilicon). Ferroalloys also conventionally include some alloys containing iron only in the form of impurities (silicocalcium, silicomanganese, etc.), and some metals and non-metals (Mn, Cr, Si) with minimal impurity content. Obtained from ores or concentrates in electric furnaces or smelting mines (furnaces).

As a rule, the cost of metal in the form of a ferroalloy is lower than its cost in its pure form. This is due, in particular, to the fact that the ore usually contains, in one form or another, iron, during processing, which turns into an alloy together with the main component, and the technological scheme for producing a ferroalloy turns out to be one of the shortest and cheapest ways to process raw materials. At the same time, to obtain a pure alloy additional steps have to be introduced into the technology, complicating the process and increasing costs. In this case, receiving ferrous metal can either be completely excluded or be one of the intermediate stages when the resulting The pig ferroalloy is processed into pure metal. During reduction smelting, iron, dissolving the main element, reduces its activity and lowers the melting point of the alloy. When alloying and deoxidizing steel and alloys, the use of an alloying element in the form of a ferroalloy increases its absorption melt, reduces waste.

Based on production volume, so-called large and small ferroalloys are divided.
Large ferroalloys:
- silicon ferroalloys;
- manganese ferroalloys;
- chromium ferroalloys.

Small ferroalloys:
- ferrotungsten;
- ferromolybdenum;
- ferrovanadium;
- alloys of alkaline earth metals;
- ferroniobium;
- ferrotitanium and titanium-containing alloys;
- ferroboron, ferroboral and alloys with boron;
- alloys with aluminum;
- alloys with rare earth metals;
- ferrosilicozirconium, ferroaluminozirconium;
- ferronickel and ferrocobalt.

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