Ferroaluminum FA30

Ferroaluminium - is an alloy of iron and aluminum, used for deoxidation of steel during production by electric arc, open hearth, converter and other methods. The use of ferroaluminum in steel smelting improves the quality indicators of the finished product; one of the indicators of improved mechanical properties of the finished product can be tensile strength, increased hardness and viscosity.

Ferroaluminum in the form of pigs, produced weighing no more than 20 kg. with and without clamps. The shape and size of the pigs is determined by the manufacturer. By agreement with the consumer, it is possible to produce large-sized pigs weighing up to 200 kg.

The surface of the pigs is free of slag and foreign inclusions. The presence of shrinkage cracks in the fracture of pigs is allowed. Taking into account the fragility of ferroaluminum, chips and halves of no more than 5% of the batch weight are allowed.

In the crushed state, ferroaluminum is produced with a piece size of 20-50 mm, while the presence of a fraction more than 50 mm, but not more than 70 mm, does not exceed 20%, fractions less than 20 mm - no more than 10% of the mass of the supplied products.

FA-30 28-33 - 0.2 1.0 0.5 0.5 0.05 0.05

Metallurgical company "Mitra" LLC offers from stock Ferroaluminum FA30 at a negotiated price.

НБУ на 20.05.2024
USD 39,427
EUR 42,755
RUB 0,433
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USD 39,324 39,884
EUR 42,635 43,346
RUB 41,400 44,400
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