Graphite and graphite electrodes

Graphite is a dark gray opaque substance, an allotropic form of carbon. Unlike diamond, graphite conducts electricity and heat well and is very soft.
It is formed primarily as a result of shallow metamorphism of rocks containing organic remains and during contact-pneumatolytic processes.

Graphite electrodes in industry are used for working with ore-thermal and steel-smelting furnaces, with the help of which alloy steels with high quality and low carbon content, special and ferroalloys are produced. Graphite electrodes are characterized by increased electrical conductivity and increased pressing characteristics, have a fairly low resistivity, and increased resistance to thermal influences. Small ash impurities in the composition of graphite electrodes increase the quality of the resulting metal.

Metallurgical company "Mitra" LLC offers from stock Graphite and graphite electrodes at a negotiated price.

НБУ на сьогодні
USD 38,476
EUR 41,542
RUB 0,416
Обмен на вчора
USD 38,079 38,636
EUR 41,037 41,782
RUB 41,400 44,400
Межбанк на вчора
USD 38,460 38,470
EUR 33,350 33,410
RUB 0,366 0,367

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