Graphite foundry black GLS1

Black (cryptocrystalline) graphite GLS-1 (GOST 5420-74), obtained by grinding graphite ores, is intended for use in foundry and metallurgical production.
In the foundry industry, GLS graphite is used as a filler for non-stick paints for coating molds and cores for cast iron and non-ferrous castings, sand molding and slag-forming mixtures and heat insulators.
Graphite is packaged in four- or five-layer paper bags of any brand or in soft specialized containers for bulk cargo of the MK type, manufactured according to regulatory and technical documentation.

Ash content, % no more 13.0
Remaining on grid No. 02, % no more 1.0
Remaining on grid No. 0071, % no more 10.0
Mass fraction of moisture, % no more 1.0

5420-74 ГОСТ 5420-74 (328 Кб)

Metallurgical company "Mitra" LLC offers from stock Graphite foundry black GLS1 at a negotiated price.

НБУ на сьогодні
USD 41,337
EUR 44,995
RUB 0,470
Обмен на вчора
USD 41,208 41,911
EUR 44,917 45,830
RUB 41,400 44,400
Межбанк на вчора
USD 41,325 41,355
EUR 33,350 33,410
RUB 0,366 0,367

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