Recycled aluminum

Recycled aluminum – secondary aluminum casting alloy, aluminum for deoxidation. Aluminum can be melted down many times without losing its properties. Recycled aluminum is used in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, aircraft manufacturing, furniture production, for steel deoxidation, in the production of ferroalloys, and in aluminothermy.

AV87 87.0 3.0 3.8 3,3 5.0 0.3 0.2 13.0

Aluminum is produced in the form of pigs and granules.
Ingots are produced weighing no more than 20 kg with and without constrictions, as well as small-sized ingots weighing no more than 4 kg. The shape and size of the pigs is determined by the manufacturer. By agreement with the consumer, it is allowed to produce large-sized pigs weighing more than 200 kg.
The surface of the pigs must be free of slag and foreign inclusions. Traces of cleaning and cutting out defects on the surface are allowed.
The presence of shrinkage cavities in the fracture of ingots is allowed.
The lenticular shape of the granules (from ellipsoidal to spherical) is determined by the manufacturer. The mass of an individual granule should be from 0.5 to 15 g.
Granules must not contain mechanical impurities.

295-98 ГОСТ 295-98 (359 Кб)

Metallurgical company "Mitra" LLC offers from stock Recycled aluminum at a negotiated price.

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