Manganese metal

Manganese metal is a desulfurizer and deoxidizer, especially of liquid steel. It causes a grinding effect on the steel structure, increasing the depth of calcination. With a content of up to 7% manganese, the tensile strength of steel increases significantly. Corrosion resistance increases significantly with more than 10% manganese content.

Pieces of metal manganese, both in the fracture and on the surface, should not be contaminated with sand, slag and other foreign materials. Traces of non-stick materials and oxide film in manganese are allowed brand Mn95.
Manganese is a toxic substance, long-term exposure to which causes in the central nervous system organic changes. Inhalation of dust from manganese-containing materials, in addition to general toxic effects, can cause contribute to the development of a special form of pneumoconiosis - manganoconiosis.

Mn95 Electrolytic 95.0 0.20 1.8 0.07 0.05 -

6008-90 ГОСТ 6008-90 (369 Кб)

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